Women Rock

Hot Button 1: Pay Inequity

There is ample research that consistently shows women getting paid less than their male counterparts. The principle of equal pay for work of equal value should guide remuneration decision makers.
Why don’t you analyse the remuneration in your organisation from a gender position and do something about it! This will require prudent employment spend management to get past the bean counters. 

Hot Button 2: Retention

Do you have a female friendly or hostile workplace? Are women respected and given a voice in the workplace? Does the employment value proposition speak to the needs of today’s women?
If your organisation is losing talented females, revisit your retention programmes

Hot Button 3: Work Life Balance

Women are excellent multi taskers and pulling of their roles as mother, wife & professional is truly a superhuman effort. For example in one ICT company, over 70% of the females in the HR department are divorced, many of them attributing it to the impact of work on their married life. While I’m a long time cynic of the work life balance movement,  the extent to which your organisation can assist women in this area will determine their engagement and performance.

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