Innovative? Rebel? Go Careering on your own

If you are an innovative individual, a rebel that firmly believes in their values/principles over the system, an independent free spirit in the crowd, you are likely to get into trouble in the corporate machine.

Lots of trouble.

Making enemies in the process. Your new, creative ideas may be burnt by committees, stolen by your boss and shelved by the powers in charge. Your rebellious ways are difficult for others that go with the flow and keep their mouth shut. The employment relationship is built on dependence not being independent & doing your own thing.

Well maybe it is time to acknowledge yourself, who you are and what you offer the world. The future of mankind depends on rebels and innovators, like you.

It is just hard to contemplate your significance for the rest of us, from the confines of a 2×2 cubicle with no air vents. Today could be that fateful day when you consciously decide to career on your own – pull your strings, start a business and dig the sand of your future empire. If you are up for this challenge, it will be the toughest in your life. You will laugh, cry, scream and jump in no particular order.  Your business may even flop and you’d have to go back to the corporate machine for a job.

But if you succeed, there is no limit to what a rebel & innovator can accomplish. Bonus: The corporate machine will be your customer.

Drop me an e-mail when you start!

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