Working in the 21st Century

Industrial Age: I work hard. I play hard
There were two separate boxes for work and play. Work was bad. Play was good. You had to work hard before you could play.

Info Age: I work to play
Work is a personnal channel for you to play, using your talents to create value

Industrial Age:  I only work 8h00-17h00 (or until the boss leaves)
Work is strictly time controlled, managed & bound.

Info Age: I can work 24/7
Like 2am in my pyjamas. Like Sunday morning. 

Industrial Age: I work mainly to pay the bills
Many still do. Draining. Depressing

Info Age: Paying the bills is a side product of doing work that I love and getting paid for it
Ah, so much better for your heart, mind and bank balance.

Industrial Age: I go to work
Work is physically located in HQ, branch or office. Traffic.

Info Age: Work comes to me
Work at home. Work in a hot spot. Work on the beach.

Industrial Age: I work for (insert company name)
Job for life model. Command and control mindset.

Info Age: I (insert your name) work with (insert company name)
Partnership for value. Teamwork. Brand You.

If you are trapped in the Industrial Age, a couple of pointers for crossing the bridge:

1. Working in the 21st century brings more opportunities for knowledge workers with high expertise and value than other working classes. I don’t expect miners, call centre agents or bus drivers to see these benefits anytime soon.

2. You have to take charge and manage your career. Don’t wait for your organisation or HR to build your personal brand. They are not going to hand out opportunities on a silver plate, you have to chase them.

3. Everything is negotiable. Even when HR tells you it is a standard contract.  You can negotiate flexible working arrangements, non-standard remuneration packages and performance agreements. 

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