Thank God its Friday because…

So its TGIF time again – I’ve rounded up 35 reasons for that smile on your face

1. You had a bad Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
2. You hate going to work – waking up early, getting the kids ready for school, morning traffic, cold weather
3. You hate the people at work – boss, bosses PA, co-worker, team, the coffee group that excludes you
4. You hate the work – boring, mundane, dangerous
5. You are stressed and need the weekend to recover (16 hour sleep marathon)
6. You want to chill
7. It is month end. Where’s that paycheck to spend?
8. The farewell day has arrived for (insert name). Good riddance
9. Your farewell day has arrived. New beginnings on Monday
10. It is a quite day at the office
11. You can leave early (15h00?) or don’t return after lunch
12. No pressure. Everybody is in TGIF vibe
13. Your boss is on leave and you can relax
14. Time flies, before you can blink, it is home time.
15. No deadlines
16. Meetings all day, so there is no work
17. No meetings all day, so there is no work
18. You can postpone unpleasant tasks to Monday
19. You can e-mail others 15 minutes before the close of day, giving them lots of work and spoiling their weekend
20. It is casual day. Dress like a clown
21. Your boss is super sweet on a Friday
22. There is a team lunch. Free Food. Two hours out of the office
23. Clients don’t call on Fridays
24. You don’t call clients on Fridays
25. You had a terrible week. 36 weeks running and counting
26. You are sick and couldn’t take leave, due to work shackles
27. You can tidy up and do the admin
28. You are receiving a bonus or a pay increase
29. You are hours away from doing what you really like to do
30. The boss has invited you to a braai after work
31. You only work one day a week,  on Fridays
32. You work Monday – Friday, but only work on Fridays, if you get my drift
33. Nobody keeps tab on whether you are working or not
34. The boss leaves early. So you can leave early. (No extra face time at the office)
35. You are not returning on Monday because…

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