The #1 Response to Career Questions

Throughout your career, you will have to decide about what you do, how you do it, who you do it for and what you will get out of it. Your decisions have far reaching implications for your life, career advancement, finances and peace of mind.I’m going to share with you the #1 response to career questions

It depends!

Sorry to disappoint those waiting for a black and white answer. An answer implies there is “right” and a “wrong” when in reality, there are a range of possibilities or responses.

You have to deal with the shades of grey (colour picker from 5% to 95%) that require you to understand the variables, evaluate the trade offs, consider the downside risks and believe upside potential. While you can learn from the experience of others in similar situations, never forget that your situation is unique – you are the X factor.

When working with clients, whether they are students or Phd professionals, I take into account that actual results depend on:

• Underlying assumptions
• Cold non-negotiable Facts
• Figures under different scenario’s
• The Risk-reward relationship
• Their disposition towards fulfillment, fame & fortune
• Personal & Lifestyle factors  
• The passage of Time that can change all of the above

What works for one individual, maybe dangerous for another!

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