Is your boss killing you?

If you don’t have a boss, lucky you!  If you are the boss, you may read about yourself in this post. For the rest of us, I doubt that your boss chases you around the office wielding an axe in one hand and your work in the other.

But your boss could be killing you – your spirit and your work


How could the warm, caring person that you met in the interview, be the same blood thirsty vampire that you are reporting to, day after day?  He/she is playing a dangerous game of be-my-victim, challenging your values and putting you down at every turn. Over time, your boss will drain away your spirit faster than Count Dracula’s supper. In some companies, every employee in a department/team has left except the boss.


Working for an incompetent, moronic boss, is bad, for not just for you, but the work you are employed to do. Your work will suffer from endless dumbing down until your boss is satisfied that he/she can understand and control your work. The boss will delay making decisions, secretly hoping that you do whatever you want, It is a lot more fun, to shoot your decision (never mind that the boss lacks knowledge and experience) It gets worse. An incompetent, moronic boss has to hold onto their job and pay check, without actually doing anything. Their #1 priority, is giving you work. So he/she will force you to complete their work (or risk insubordination). Then take full credit for you’re A+ stuff in front of management. Eventually, your passion for the work will melt away, leaving you frustrated and stressed. 

In conclusion, to quote, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, authors of First Break All the Rules, “People leave managers not companies”.  

Is your boss killing you?

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