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Insider Career Briefing Reviews

I was impressed and inspired by the Insider Career Briefing presentation. Yusuf Mahomedy delivered a  professional, polished and inquiring presentation, taking care to interact with and determine the specific needs of each participant. He has a wide range of relevant knowledge which he kindly imparts, he is articulate, sincere and can relate readily to the […]

Recruitment/Job Ad Spotted: Rural Doctor

(Source: Osvaldo Zoom) A family member drew my attention to this recruitment ad in the South African Medical Journal, June 2010 by Africa Health Placements: How do you measure Wealth? The life of a rural doctor is admittedly nowhere near as lucrative at that of one in private practice, and the odds of taking Wednesdays […]

Africa will come to the HR Summit & Expo

The annual HR Africa Summit, organised by the Institute for International Research South Africa (IIR), will this year combine with its newly purchased Star HRD Expo. Possibly the largest HR event in South Africa; The Star HR Summit and Expo (Incorporating HRDE), will run at the Sandton Convention Centre from 5 – 8 October, 2010. […]

Culture, Vuvuzela & Prices

In times of lightning change as we are currently experiencing, countries and organisations have to fall back on their culture to keep their dreams alive. Those shared values, symbols and behaviours are supposed to get us safely to the other side. We have something to hold onto, when everything around us is falling apart. Never […]

Career Insights from the World Cup

Put your thinking cap on for five minutes As we enter the final days of the World Cup, I’ve rounded up powerful career insights from the game, on and off the field into ten cryptic statements: Twits on Twitter Wildcats dropped their guard Blood. Sun. Go home. Lights almost out Get on the couch for […]