Recruitment/Job Ad Spotted: Rural Doctor

(Source: Osvaldo Zoom)

A family member drew my attention to this recruitment ad in the South African Medical Journal, June 2010 by Africa Health Placements:

How do you measure Wealth?

The life of a rural doctor is admittedly nowhere near as lucrative at that of one in private practice, and the odds of taking Wednesdays off for golf are slim. But there are other ways to measure wealth.

Like working in beautiful settings, with healthy fresh air and a safer, simpler way of life. Or like the opportunity to make a real difference and be appreciated for what you do.

We’d call that fair compensation. Wouldn’t you?

Employer:  N/A Africa Health Placements – Recruitment Agency

Position:    Rural Doctor

Location:    Rural

Date Closes: Not stated

1 Why this Position?

2 What is this Position about?

No info

3 Do you have the Hot Stuff?

Well if you are reading the South African Medical Journal…you either boring or hot! 

4 Are you the ONE?

According to the recruitment ad, wealth = beautiful settings, fresh air and simpler life. I’m not convinced that any doctor would fall for this.

5 Is this a Deal of a Lifetime?

For the doctor that wants to get away, get paid less and get a rural lifestyle, it could be for you. 


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