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I was impressed and inspired by the Insider Career Briefing presentation. Yusuf Mahomedy delivered a  professional, polished and inquiring presentation, taking care to interact with and determine the specific needs of each participant. He has a wide range of relevant knowledge which he kindly imparts, he is articulate, sincere and can relate readily to the individual’s position; at the same time observing where the individual fits into the bigger picture. He ran the presentation efficiently – (it came to an end too soon – there was so much interesting stuff) – it was dynamic and at just the right pace. He gave good tips and has given me an anchoring point from which to improve my ailing career.
I used to wonder what was wrong with me in previous jobs when I couldn’t understand that all my colleagues were content to do the same thing day in and day out, year after year, whilst I was always restless, in search of growth, always challenging the norm, and pre-occupied with what was out there in the big wide world. I learnt that I am not abnormal but just in the minority in this regard – a great relief. How to successfully channel that curiosity and energy is now up to me, and it is great to know that I have encountered Yusuf’s service for support and guidance when I am ready.   

Jacqui Carter

The insider career briefing was my third consecutive worksucks workshop that I attended to date, and I must say that it was very incisive as per usual worksucks content. Yusuf Mohamedy’s cut-to-the-chase and yet seamless approach makes it easier for the audience to relate. Going once, going twice, going thrice, I’m sold! Thumbs up for all your efforts to try and change orthodoxy!

About Mpumelelo Humphry Mbatha

I’m an M.Tech, Chemical Engineering student at the University of Johannesburg working in a Biodiesel group. I’m passionate about community development work, hence I’m part of a team that organizes career workshops in my township. The aim is to help Grade 12 learners with refining their career choices. Over and above that, I’m working on building a business. my interests are recycling and coaching.



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