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Recession & Recognition Awards

(Source: Schristia) With awards season not far off, I thought this column from last year is useful for those granting awards, and those hoping to receive them. And the Award goes to It is that time of the year again: office parties, gala dinners, annual awards, CEO speeches and corporate gifts. Let your hair down and […]

It is possible

Whatever makes you unhappy in the office… …Whatever keeps you trapped in a job you hate  Whatever spoils your work day… …Whatever pushes your dream further away Whatever career dilemma you are facing… Whatever job hunting obstacles you encounter…  …Whatever work rejections & disappointments come your way I want you to remember this IT IS POSSIBLE TO […]

Best Friend at Work

  Over the last thirty years, the Gallup organisation  has studied employees and their needs in the workplace.  One of their key employee engagement measures is whether you have a best friend at work. In short, if you have a best friend at work, you are likely to be more engaged and satisfied.   (Continue Reading…)

Isaac Rapuleng Reviews Working Edge Club

WEC I’m isaac rapuleng, first year student, studying Bcom Economics, here at Wits. My major subject is economics. I would like to build my career path from now and preparing for myself for after gradute.    I’m looking for opportunities in anything preferbly in starting my own business or finding  a part time job. I am a hard […]

Failed Merger, Best Job – Street & World?

  (Source Laurel.Miss) Best Job – Street & World? In my line of work, I am too familiar with disengaged and depressed souls roaming the workplace. The job is a big minus in their life. So when I do come across individuals and jobs that defy the ordinary, I must investigate further. Let us look […]