Best Friend at Work


Over the last thirty years, the Gallup organisation  has studied employees and their needs in the workplace.  One of their key employee engagement measures is whether you have a best friend at work. In short, if you have a best friend at work, you are likely to be more engaged and satisfied.  

A great book on friendships in the workplace, is Vital Friends by Tom Rath, that identifies eight vital roles of friends:

  • Builders
  • Champions
  • Collaborators
  • Companions
  • Connectors
  • Energizers
  • Mind openers
  • Navigators 

Notwithstanding the value of friendship for you and the business, in many organisations, having a best friend is frowned upon and rarely encouraged on the job. We have casual and soccer days, but no friendship days. While a best friend can share the daily trials and tribulations, offer support and sometimes, advance your cause, it can also backfire. If your friendship ends, you may not be too comfortable about having shared sensitive information in the past.  If your friend is a loose cannon or poor performer, management may inadvertently perceive you in the same camp.  

 Do you have a best friend at work?


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