It is possible

Whatever makes you unhappy in the office…

…Whatever keeps you trapped in a job you hate 

Whatever spoils your work day…

…Whatever pushes your dream further away

Whatever career dilemma you are facing…

Whatever job hunting obstacles you encounter… 

…Whatever work rejections & disappointments come your way

I want you to remember this


It can be done

It means that you have to revisit your life, maybe through a different lens

It means that you have to work, maybe differently

It means that you have to get support, maybe from different people

But what ever it takes

It is possible

It has been done

It is possible to overcome your career, work & job challenges

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It is possible

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  1. Truly inspiring entry, I would have liked to share it. Perhaps you could include it as a slide in the next SME (for which I just registered). I think we need a bit of inspiration,

    Nora September 17, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

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