Earnings, Qualifications & You

The South African Business Schools Expo provides individuals with information about qualifications, skills development and labour market trends. This year, I’m privileged to be a speaker at the expo, presenting on a topical issue – Earnings, Qualifications & the Professional.  The presentation is free to those attending the expo.

Many professionals acquire further qualifications, in part, because they expect to access better employment opportunities and increase their earnings in future.  But does it automatically hold true?

I’m planning to examine these areas:

1.         Unlocking the value in your career

Over the years, I’ve come across executives boasting a Grade 12 and office managers completing their Masters degree. Guess who pocketed the real moolah? If you want to unlock the value in your career, you must navigate the relationship between qualifications and earnings. 

2.         Changes in the employment and remuneration landscape

Professionals that settle for sheltered employment over the entrepreneurial life; don’t necessarily find it sheltered. From restructuring chaos to taxation of employment income, professionals are on the receiving end. The recession has forced some professionals to drastically change their careers or settle for jobs, they wouldn’t have considered before.

3.         Role of recruitment agents, HR & Management

Remember the recruitment agent that pigeon holed you because they couldn’t look beyond your qualifications?  What about HR dealing with your pay gripes? Who can you trust, when it comes to your qualifications and earnings? 

I’m planning to share practical, actionable insights to leverage your qualifications on the earnings front.

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