Babalo Ngxolwana reviews Working Edge Club


The student chapter of the Association of Black securities and Investment professionals (ABSIP) at the University of Johannesburg is a student society of 75 members. The society has members that mainly study BCom (Finance), BCom(Accounting) and BCom ( Economics). Our service offering to our members is forwarding them the opportunity to visit companies in the financial services sector and inviting qualified professionals to come to our campus to come and engage students through discussion of new terms and current affairs in the latter sector.

Working Edge Club – ABSIP

We met with Yusuf (CEO of WEC) in July and discussed the possibility of having a private club membership for Absip members and by judging the past two months in affiliation, we are sure that this has been the most fruitful decision we have made this year.

The Working Edge Club can help you get where you want to be on condition that you are willing to help yourself. The material that we get from the WEC is thought-provoking, developmental and would be difficult to attain on your own as a student.

3 Point CV Check

I am particularly impressed 3-point CV check initiative, where Absip members can email Yusuf their CV’s and get three recommendations on how to improve it.This is a great initiative firstly because as students we usually get a cv template from the net and just fill in our details and send it to companies with absolutely no assurance whether the respective CV format is still relevant to employers,has too little/too much information ,etc.Secondlly because the WEC is in the Human Resources industry our members are assured that they are getting expert opinions.

Employer Directory & Company Profiles

Another great thing about the WEC is the way in which the material they send is linked.The 3-point cv check is supported by the Employer directory and Company profiling offerings.The Employer directory is a list of mostly financial services sector companies (Aligned with ABSIP’s mandate) which members can consider emailing their improved CV’s to,while the Company Profiling system allows members to request an overview profile of any company that they might be interested in for employment or whatever purpose. The above mentioned offerings by the WEC club make the stress of job hunting lighter but that is not all we get.

HR Digital Magazine

Members also get free subscription to HR magazine which helps us gain more insight, through articles by company personnel, on what their company is expecting from us from a qualifications and personality traits perspective.

Career & SME Events

Members also get free entrance to SME events and Career briefings. The SME events are great for members that have accepted the reality that they might not find a job after graduating and might have to start their own business; once again WEC also helps members get a telephonic or face-to-face consultation with a qualified professional to discuss your business plan, ideas, finances, etc.

These are not all but rather some of the programmes that ABSIP has benefitted from in our two-month affiliation with the WEC and we are totally excited about the opportunities that the WEC will present us with in the New Year. Keep Up the good work

Babalo Ngxolwana                                                                                                                                                                                           Chairperson of ABSIP UJsc

NOTE: To access the WEC  – ABSIP benefits, you must be a member of ABSIP UJ or WITS. You can read more about ABSIP here and here. To join ABSIP, leave a comment below or email

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