Take Your Career to the Next Level

So what does it really take to build a successful career, more importantly how do YOU take your career to the NEXT level?

Depending on who you speak to, how long they have been employed & their disposition, you are likely to hear: 

  • Piece of paper counts (qualification)
  • Experience, Experience, Experience
  • Build your brand
  • Show that you are hard working
  • Its who you know
  • Its what you know
  • Get the skills
  • Go the extra mile
  • High performance
  • You must be black/white/young/old
  • Become a doctor/engineer/whatever
  • Emigrate, get out of SA
  • Go work for yourself
  • Visit a muti man
  • Suck up to the boss
  • Market yourself. Network a lot

On the other side, there are many detractors that would argue against above, claiming that you can still succeed, even if do not have for example, the qualification or you don’t market yourself.

So is there a path to creating a successful career or changing your, getting the job or starting a business?

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