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10 Reasons to Start your own Business

1          Because it is never too early to start 2          Take control over your life, you own and control the business 3          Loads of support from government and private sector to academic institutions & other entrepreneurs 4          Unforgettable journey – you won’t ever be the same again 5          Make a difference and make money 6          […]

Budget 2011 & Employment

  Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical. Budget fever is here again! One day when I have time on my side, I want to delve into the stories behind budgets. I will dig up the conflicts over setting budgets and delivering results. Is it only about the numbers or […]

World HRD Congress – Smart Reward Strategies

I’m heading to Mumbai.  The annual World HRD Congress is a premier gathering of HRR professionals and I’m honoured to be receiving a HR Strategic Leadership Award and presenting Smart Reward Strategies 101. Based upon my book of the same name, the presentation will use a short story to challenge participants and get them thinking differently about reward in […]

Budget, Tax & Truth

With Budget 2011 a fortnight away, a quick recap of developments last year  After the State of the Nation address in February that turned out to be less about the nation and more about the state (the state of the president, the non performing state of some ministers, the state of departments and stating the obvious), the […]

HR Technology Integration is the new HR currency

            HR Technology integration becomes the new HR currency as it outperforms non-integration by 41% “Survey findings of the 2010 State of Global People Management research, released by Massachusetts-based international people management software company Softscape, reveals that organisations that integrate talent processes, systems and data on performance, succession planning, compensation, […]