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Money, Happiness & Talent

  Money buys happiness For many years, consultants, especially those in the reward profession, have contended that there is more to attracting and retaining talent, than money. While that assertion may be valid for those occupying the seven figure levels of the organisation or those paid to do nothing, the masses would disagree. Money is the […]


Just B.S Throughout our life we are subjected to B.S, with the office taking the grand prize for generating truck loads of crap each day. B.S is used to: Get out trouble Lie your way out of trouble Dress up stupidity as intelligence Confuse others Detract from the real issues For the professional B.S, the […]

Europe increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBAs

Europe increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBAs International survey found that Europe is increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBA candidates Germany displaces France to become 5th most preferred MBA destination Top European business schools arrive in Johannesburg to recruit African candidates According to the latest QS Applicant Survey 2010, there […]

Attract, Engage & Reward Talent

  In my last column (HRF, August), I revisited the world cup experience, going through five unanswered show-me-the-money questions: local manufacturers missing out on the production of memorabilia, small business benefits, job creation, botched arrangements between Match and local providers, and the future of our stadiums (cash cows or white elephants). This month I want […]

Resign Today

  What would happen if you resigned today?     Quickly, if you resigned today, cleared out your cubicle, packed your bags and drove out of the car park, never to return, what would others in the office say about you? They wouldn’t notice Nothing, they didn’t know you At last, what took you so […]