Amandla Ndongeni reviews Working Edge Club Event

WEC ABSIP EVENT – February 2011
Thank you for coming to do a presentation at ABSIP opening event and for keeping in touch with us.
I enjoyed the presentation as you addressed some important issues for me as a student especially when you explained how students use the same CV for different jobs and find it hard to understand why they do not get call backs for the companies.
I, Amandla Ndongeni a third year Bcom Finance student left with two modules to complete my degree. I am looking for part time job opportunities to gain some needed experience the opportunity does not have to be in the course I studied because in future I am looking to start my own business.
I join ABSIP so I can have the privilege of socialising with pears and people in the corporate world to bridge the gap between me as a student and my future employer.
Thank you for the opportunity
WEC Event – May 2011
I enjoyed the presentation because some of the topic are common but you explained then it was more explained in a step-step by process.
Amandla Ndongeni
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