Just B.S

Throughout our life we are subjected to B.S, with the office taking the grand prize for generating truck loads of crap each day. B.S is used to:

Get out trouble

Lie your way out of trouble

Dress up stupidity as intelligence

Confuse others

Detract from the real issues

For the professional B.S, the benefits are:

Appearing intelligent and knowledgeable

Safeguarding their position

Promotion and Promotion

Putting others down

Zero accountability

To get you thinking (or give those that do B.S, inspiration), here are 12 starters:

1. Vision

2. Strategy (business, HR, marketing…)

3. Blue Sky potential

4. Innovation

5. Embrace diversity

6. Can do attitude

7. Open door policy

8. Transparency

9. Quick win

10. Team work

11. Back to basics

12. Integrity

Remember that the problem is not with the words per se, rather it is the reality of the way those words are used and the hidden meaning in your organisation

What B.S words and phrases dominate your office?

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