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HR, Talent & Property

  Property Boom Remember the property boom from 2000 to early 2008? The paint may have long dried, but in those golden days, almost any “location, location, location” was better than cash in the bank. Let me refresh your memory: First time home owners, supported by the banks, signed up for the maximum bond.  Why […]

Thuli reviews Working Edge Club Event

    WEC EVENT I have found the workshop very insightful and educative because there are so many things as entrepreneurs we overlook and think are not necessary for building a brand. I never realised that as much as I maybe an entrepreneur, personal branding is important as much as the company is. From the […]

Terence reviews Working Edge Club Event

WEC EVENT I found the motivation from Ramon is inspirational and helps to build individual and business confidence. Worksucks is promising, I’m really keen to watch this service as it provides info to the broader segments , nationally. I am Terence, a financial consultant at Nedbank – for your financial needs from business, home loans […]

Mpumelelo Humphry Mbatha reviews Working Edge Club Event

WEC EVENT Worksucks continues to be an information portal of choice. If Worksucks was a political party, service delivery would come standard because all its members would  be empowered. The guest speaker, Ramon Thomas disseminated invaluable, step-wise information  about marketing and sales. Thank you for giving the public this gift of information free of charge. […]

Pay, Package & Job

You will find it on company websites. You will notice it in the job advertisements. You will hear about it in the job interview. I’m referring of course to “market related package”, “competitive pay” and similar terms. But what does it mean? 1.  We pay less, just like other companies in the market Don’t feel too […]