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You will find it on company websites. You will notice it in the job advertisements. You will hear about it in the job interview. I’m referring of course to “market related package”, “competitive pay” and similar terms. But what does it mean?

1.  We pay less, just like other companies in the market

Don’t feel too bad. Unless you hate the job. And report to a toxic boss and work with slimy, backstabbing co-workers.

2.  We pay like others, but you will work twice as hard

Foolish you!  Next time, don’t forget to carefully considere the role and responsibilities in the job, relative to the pay. 

3. We pay more, because our market consists of 4 companies, chosen by us, for paying less

These companies are in India, China, Brazil and Russia. Our new found friends in BRICS that squeeze value of the job and pay less than SA.  If you are dissatisfied about your package, blame the job “market”, not us. Or we found four SA companies that have agreed to not compete on pay. 

4. We pay more than the Chinese sweatshops.

You will live. You will have a roof over your head. You have a job. Be grateful

So what does competitive pay mean in your company?

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