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Cost of Living and Remuneration

  Cost of Living 2011 When I received yet another email from a disengaged employee, working in a different company about their pay, I decided that it deserved some consideration. The economy is posting better numbers and many companies have a healthier bottom line (small miracles after “resizing” their operations and workforce last year). Government […]

Remuneration & Wellness

Remuneration & Wellness 2011 Remuneration Association of Educational Institutions (RAEI) Conference I was honoured to have been a speaker at the 2011 Remuneration Association of Educational Institutions Conference, that was held in Boksburg from 15-16th September. The remuneration conference was organised by ITS Evula (Pty) Ltd and was well attended by finance, payroll and remuneration professionals from University of Fort Hare, […]