Business Partners Supports Young Entrepreneurs (Part 1)

Business Partners Supports Young Entrepreneurs during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Business Partners Limited, leading risk financier for SMEs in South Africa realises the importance of growing young, innovative entrepreneurs into skilled and knowledgeable business owners, able to establish solid sustainable businesses.

“Entrepreneurship is the engine room of our economy and creating a nurturing environment for these businesses to start and flourish, is what will create jobs in the long term,” said Nazeem Martin, Managing Director at Business Partners about the motivation for creating the SME Toolkit Young Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition, an initiative co-sponsored by IBM and the IFC.
My Role

In the final stages of the competition, I was privileged to have trained 20 entrepreneurs on the #1 issues in any business:  Finance!  My Finance for Non-Financial Entrepreneurs workshop covered financial statements, their relationship with money, profibility and cashflow.

From one Winner to Another

At the Awards Ceremony on 16 November 2011,  the winners (and those attending), were provided with some motivational words by a former finalist in the competition.   Lindiwe Shibambo, Founder and Owner of Maid4U, a Domestic Worker Placement Agency and presenter, of the Youth Television Programme, Ispani, delivered an inspiring, insightful and humourous talk.

In Part 2, you can read about the winners & runner up, their business and the prizes.

Business Partners & the SME Toolkit

The SME Toolkit is a project of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the World Bank Group and is available in multiple languages through local partners – such as South Africa – around the world.

Business Partners Ltd, leading risk financing company for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has made the online Toolkit available for all entrepreneurs in South Africa. The Toolkit — a joint initiative between Business Partners, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and IBM — offers easy access to information, resources and online training relevant to SMEs in a large number of industries and business sectors.

The SA SME toolkit provides how-to articles, business forms, financial tools, online training and information resources developed by leading experts, and free software tailor-made for SMEs. All aspects of business set-up and management are covered, from business planning to accounting, financial management, human resources, import /export, legal and insurance matters, marketing, sales, operations and information technology. As an accredited SME Toolkit Trainer, I’ve delivered several SME workshops, using the SME Toolkit to impart valuable, actionable resources to entrepreneurs.

Join the SME Toolkit

The site boasts a registered membership of more than 5500 members and receives around 32 000 hits per month. Users have lauded the SME Toolkit as a one-stop shop for almost any piece of information needed to run their business.

Join for free here


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Manager: Marketing Coordination
Corporate Services
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