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HR, This Year could be Different

  HR HR has been here before. HR is familiar with the drill. HR has the same beliefs and expectations, toned down by the passage of time. We know how it will end. Yet a little voice tells HR professionals that this year could be exceptional and different. Another year has arrived for HR. HR Resolutions, BHAG & Make overs […]

Career & Dreams – Go Big this year

Career & Dreams   Welcome to your working life (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) – a sizzling year of doing what you love, the freedom to decide how you want to work and the authority to set your pay. You are passionate about your contribution and the people affected by your outputs. You decide on the working hours, […]

HR – Blown Away in 2011

    HR, Budget, Talent and more    Well we have almost reached the end of 2011. And what an unbelievable year it has been! From natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados and more) and man-made financial woes, (US, EU) to revolutionary uprisings (Arab spring, Occupy Wall Street) and technology everywhere (gadgets, online networks). Too much upheaval for one year.  […]