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Welcome to your working life (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) – a sizzling year of doing what you love, the freedom to decide how you want to work and the authority to set your pay. You are passionate about your contribution and the people affected by your outputs. You decide on the working hours, the location, the boss (or no boss) and the  methods for delivering results.  You crunch the numbers to achieve your targeted earnings and benefits.

For thousands of employees, this is fairytale thinking in their career and organisation. They gave up the prospect of a fulfilling career, several jobs ago.  They are micro managed to the point of exhaustion.  They run in pay circles with their organisation.

Against this reality, my challenge to you this year is to go big in your career – dust off those dreams, revive lost aspirations and embrace the callings in your life. Make a big deal about doing what you love or finding what you love, for the first time in your career. The rest of your working life will be spent there.

To quote the poet, Kahil Gibran, “work is love made visible”. Organisations are gradually moving towards greater workplace freedoms. Do not wait for HR. Be the champion of change this year. Engage line management, participate in forums and propose business solutions. Strive to align the value of your work and potential financial rewards (hopefully the latter is higher!). You may want to negotiate higher pay in the current job, explore other positions in the marketplace or unlock value by starting a business.

It is easy to read this article and do little or nothing, based on your past experience. Some individuals feel trapped in a corner or a rut and believe there is no point in trying to change the course of their career. In the process, they become serial whiners defending a mediocre existence. Don’t sell out on your talents and the opportunity for a richer life. I urge you to go big in your career this year. Make a commitment to building your career in 2012, one working day at a time.

(Originally in Star Workplace, as Dust of your Dreams and Go Big this year, January 2008)


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