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Manager : 4 Key Roles

Guest post by Simon Nko Manager According to the Walden University, management is  ‘the organization & co-ordination of the activities of an enterprise in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of defined objectives”. Let us examine the four roles of a manager 1.    The Educator A good manager is a good educator who enables […]

Budget Speech 2012

Budget 2012 Depending on your industry and job, December and January are the best or worst months of the year. You were either stressed out, delivering on demand; or you slowly drifted, waiting for the work to flow in your direction. As we roll into February, the “official” working year gets underway and not far […]

Budget Wishlist – Employment

Budget Fever Budget fever is here again. One day when I have time on my side, I want to delve into the stories behind budgets. I will dig up the conflicts over setting budgets and delivering budget results. Is it only about the numbers or the budget games behind the numbers? I will analyse why some […]

CV Tips to get Interviews

CV & Interviews 1.    CV & Target Position When a recruiter looks at your CV, the position that an applicant is interested in should be naturally logical step in their career. It shows that an applicant is focused and building a powerful career.  However this will not always be the case – you may be changing your career, […]

HR, Big Picture & You

  Big Picture 1. It is 2012 Not 1992. Or 1972. Ask others in your team to check the year, the next time that they tell that you: It can’t be done It was done before and failed It won’t work in your organisation. Or get out of there fast! 2. Get used to.. …the […]

Free SME Briefings

    FREE SME BRIEFINGS by the WORKING EDGE CLUB START & BUILD YOUR BUSINESS IN 2012 Since 2008, we have worked with the City of Johannesburg – Public Libraries to assist entrepreneurs start and build their business through free SME briefings. Our power packed SME briefings provide insights, support and opportunities to accelerate your […]