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Since 2008, we have worked with the City of Johannesburg – Public Libraries to assist entrepreneurs start and build their business through free SME briefings. Our power packed SME briefings provide insights, support and opportunities to accelerate your business.

For 2012, we have planned FREE briefings, that will cover the following topical areas:


   1.  Start & Build a Successful Business

Each year, thousands of people start a business. Each year, thousands are closing their business. What does it take to start and build a successful business – one that will be around in 5, 10, 20 years time?  What is the entrepreneurial mindset?  And how do you navigate the minefield, whether you are a start up or established business.


   2.  Funding

Many entrepreneurs struggle to secure funding in SA. Where do you look?  Are there hidden opportunities for funding?  Get the low down on funding institutions, opportunities and challenges.  You may just meet your future funder at one of our briefings.


   3.  Branding, Marketing & Sales

Rapidly build your personal and business brand, online and offline.  Effectively market your products and services. Sell. And then sell again. Repeat. Sure, it sounds easy. But what if you can’t sell?  Or you don’t have a marketing budget?  And nobody knows your brand or business? By the attending these briefings, your future client could be sitting next to you.


   4. Finance for the Rest of Us

So you want to start and build a billion rand empire?  But you don’t know the language of business?  Without a proper appreciation of finance, you won’t go far. Get a quick handle on financial concepts, profit and cashflow. So that you can have an intelligient conversation with customers, suppliers and bean counters.


   5. BEE & Tenders

Does BEE matter?  Should you go after Tenders? Go beyond the negative coverage of BEE and tenders. Learn about the business case for BEE.  And tenders may or maynot be worthwhile for your business. Learn about the hoops and challenges experienced by SME’s. Unpack Tender tricks, traps & experiences.


At EVERY briefing, you get access to:

1.  Guest Speakers  / Subject matter experts

2. Resources for your Business

3. Opportunities to market your product/services

4.Speed SME Networking

5. Hands on SME challenges & experiences

Please note that the above topics are subject to change without notice. Each briefing is customised to maximise the benefit for those attending on the day. Resources & Opportunities are only made available to those that have registered and attended the briefing. If you miss the free SME briefing where a particular topic was covered, your next opportunity will be in 2013.  Due to venue constraints, limited seating is available and you must pre-register below to attend the briefing.



Please refer to the registration form below for 2012 dates.

All Briefings are in Sandton, Saturday, 10h00-12h30

Venue details and direction are provided AFTER registration


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