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Reward & Talent Tips

  Talent 1.Generation Y Employers were talking about Generation Y five years ago. They will still be talking about them five years from now. What will your organisation be saying? Stop trying to get Generation Y to do what you want. Start trying to do what they want. 2. Celebrate! Small wins, quick wins, any […]

Strategic Human Resource Planning

Linda Chingosho Human Resource Planning (hereafter “HRP”) is one of the first goals of the human resources management (hereafter, “HRM”) team, as it aims to formulate a way to seek and retain the best personnel to fit current and future vacancies in the organization.  In determining the best strategy to employ, the HR team needs […]

Graduates & First Job

Graduates Are you joining the job stampede of graduates this year? Fresh out of college or university, graduates are overjoyed and panicking about landing their first permanent job. One that brings moolah into your bank account. Graduates that have not built their career before they graduated, should expect a difficult time to secure permanent employment. Graduates lack Experience Notwithstanding that graduates have […]

Reward & Talent

  You can read Part 1 here Reward 9. Total cost packages have been around since 1990’s. Should you adopt, retain or dump it? Review the remuneration structure and get up to speed on the developments in this area. 10. Don’t reward incompetence. No excuses. Or you’ll keep getting more of the same results. 11. […]

Career Break Out & Come Alive in 2012

Career Another year of work is upon us. rolling past us. Are you enthusiastic or depressed about returning to the same office, with the same people, to do the same work again?  How do you feel about the direction of your career? From experience with graduates, employees and seasoned professionals, there is a recurring career theme: […]