Career Break Out & Come Alive in 2012



Another year of work is upon us. rolling past us.

Are you enthusiastic or depressed about returning to the same office, with the same people, to do the same work again?  How do you feel about the direction of your career?

From experience with graduates, employees and seasoned professionals, there is a recurring career theme: disappointment.  They are disappointed that they completed, what  they believed, was expected of them by others, but didn’t get the desired results – meaningful & financially rewarding work.

Let us consider the situation of graduates, employees and older professionals.


Graduates, fresh out of university, apply for numerous jobs without success. Eventually they abandon their job search and pass their time at home. Career dead-end


In many organisations, employees feel trapped, clinging onto their job to pay the bills, and can’t find a way to pursue their dreams. They are disappointed with their work and remuneration package. They are scared about risking what they currently have, for what they really want in future. Career on hold

Older Professionals (45+)

Older professionals, especially those in the last decade before retirement, are disappointed with their career progress. While they have worked for a long time, their career journey has been a bumpy ride. Notwithstanding their expertise, they are worried about limited employment opportunities for older professionals.  (Career) stop.

Career  – Break out, Come Alive 

What can these talented individuals, each coming from their respective positions, do differently in 2012?  Well, my message is to break out from a mundane existence and come alive in your career. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. If we don’t find the experience meaningful
and rewarding work; we exist, but don’t feel alive. We dread work, counting our days until the weekend or the next holiday.

The journey from existence to coming alive in your career is an on-going journey, not a once-off exercise.

To get you off the mark, three suggestions:  Firstly, whatever disappointments that you have experienced in the past, make a break this year.  No regrets about past career choices and missed opportunities. Rather focus on your current career choices and emerging opportunities for your talents.

To break out,  commit to managing your career differently, so that you don’t find yourself in the same place, a year from now.  Given the rapidly changing environment, invest in the latest career tools. For example, graduates and seasoned professionals alike should pay attention to how they brand, market and sell their value to employers online.

Finally, if you want come alive in your career, relook at your passion.

What do you really want to do for the rest of your working life?
What is holding you back?  

If you don’t know what you want to do, just by exploring, you will come away inspired about the career possibilities. Those employees that feel trapped, should take comfort from knowing that others have walked down the same path and succeeded.  By taking baby-steps, you can navigate the career-financial issues, without giving up on your dreams.


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