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9. Total cost packages have been around since 1990’s. Should you adopt, retain or dump it? Review the remuneration structure and get up to speed on the developments in this area.

10. Don’t reward incompetence. No excuses. Or you’ll keep getting more of the same results.

11. The adage that “prevention is better than cure” hasn’t changed. Invest in wellness programmes and initiatives. Dig deeper if your organisation is the reason “why”; healthy employees that joined six months ago; are suddenly having physical and emotional break downs.


12. Make peace with yourself regarding your job. If you can’t reconcile what you have do, with whom you are and what you truly value, it is time to move on.

13. After (6), make peace with the board, line management, your boss, co-workers and staff. Some may turn you down. Others will ignore you. The rest will accept the olive branch. It is so much easier to drive any HR idea or project when others are not trying to bring you down.

14. If your normal working hours are from 9h00 to 17h00, leave work after 22h00. Just once this year. You will discover something about yourself, your work and co-workers. If you are normally leaving at this time, something is not working.

15. Three people that you must know: (1) Tea lady (2) Receptionist (3) Security guard. Ask lots of questions. You will learn more about your company and the talent inside it, than you could ever learn during HR meetings or the staff conference.

(HR Future, January 2011)



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