Reward & Talent Tips




1.Generation Y

Employers were talking about Generation Y five years ago. They will still be talking about them five years from now. What will your organisation be saying? Stop trying to get Generation Y to do what you want. Start trying to do what they want.

2. Celebrate!

Small wins, quick wins, any win. Often

3.Social Media

Don’t ignore the big four: Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. If you are not already using social media to attract and engage talent, you are missing out the opportunities to achieve your objectives at a fraction of traditional costs.


4. Total cost packages

Total Cost packages (cost to company packages, guaranteed packages et al) have been around since 1990’s. Should you adopt, retain or dump it? Review the remuneration structure and get up to speed on the developments in this area.


Don’t reward incompetence. No excuses. Or you’ll keep getting more of the same results.


The adage that “prevention is better than cure” hasn’t changed. Invest in wellness programmes and initiatives. Dig deeper if your organisation is the reason “why”; healthy employees that joined six months ago; are suddenly having physical and emotional break downs.

(HR Future, January 2012)



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