Job Hunt by building Relationships

Job Hunting

So you’ve been job hunting for months without positive results.  You have been actively job hunting – spreading the word that you are available in the market and looking (urgently) for another job. During your job hunt, you are likely to interact with a lot of people online and offline – family, friends, former employers, recruiters, HR consultants, professional bodies, forum members and more.

It is one thing to spread the word about your job hunt to others.  But it is not good to just sit and wait for referrals and opportunities to come pouring because you’ve done your part.  The real question is

Are you building relationships?

Or are you aimlessly dropping your information and hoping that somebody, somewhere, will connect you with some job in some company?

Excluding those that  know you and your work, unless you build relationships, others may get your information and ignore it. Or file it away Forever.

To accelerate your job hunt, build relationships with each person that you meet during the process. Notwithstanding whether you connect with them online or offline, you must get to know the individual and their world. And building a relationship, is more about them and less about yourself. Even though you really, really desperate for a job.

By expressing a sincere interest in their world, whether it is their business or even career, you will be building a bridge for that person to remember you, when an opportunity arises. Or even recommend you to the decision maker for the position.  If the person is the decision maker, they will keep you at “top of mind” not necessarily for the current job, but another job in future.  

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