Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning



Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning


The IIR Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning Conference from 23 to 26 April, is designed to assist HR professionals develop effective strategies to find, retain and develop their talent.  The conference covers aligning performance management with talent management, managing talent risks,  talent management strategies, keeping your best people, making top talent resilent, building your talent/leadership pool and the use of social media in talent acquisition

I’m participating on 24 April (Day 2 of the Conference) :

1.   Roundtable Talent Discussion

I’m facilitating an informal round table discussion with delegates on a topical talent issue.  Expect robust talent discussion and challenging stuff. After the discussion, I will provide feedback  to the rest of the delegates.

2.  Reward, Retention & Talent presentation

I plan to address the following

Designing Reward Strategies to engage your talent – the missing link that HR professionals should pay attention to
How Remuneration & Benefits can be used to retain talent in short & long term
The role of Offers & Counter offers in talent retention – should you even consider it and does it work

If you are attending the conference, I’d love to meet and interact, don’t miss the round table talent discussion & presentation.



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