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Pay Negotiation Basics

Pay Negotiation… Ouch! Pay is the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing the compensation often causes anxiety for the employee.  So many employees do not negotiate their pay.  They plan to first get the job and once they are inside, they can negotiate their package.  Unfortunately employers don’t play that game. I’ve seen employees […]

Strategic Human Resource Planning Part 2

Linda Chingosho Read Part 1 of Strategic Human Resource Planning here IT Systems In selecting and maintaining the ideal personnel for the organization, it is wise for the HR management to consider deciding on which IT systems that will, according to a set criteria, select the best matching applicants who will spearhead the development of […]

Graduates & Pay Negotiation

Graduates In a previous article, I discussed Graduates and their First Job Assuming that you are one of the fortunate graduates to have survived the job hunting jungle, what happens thereafter?   Well the employer has selected YOU (can you believe it?), over 98 other graduates for the position of (insert title).  It doesn’t matter that other graduates […]

Travel & War for Talent

Travel Perk for HR? There are HR professionals and then are HR professionals on the move. The latter are usually working out of the company HQ in Johannesburg, but you are unlikely to find them at their desk. They have a hidden “travel perk”. As part of their ever expanding job description, these HR professionals […]