Career Interview: Tina Caldeira from IPlex


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YM:  Congratulations on your appointment as the Manager of the IPlex, Cape Town. How has the first 100 days been?

TC: Thank you.  It’s been exciting and challenging at the same time.  I love supporting the existing clients in-house, and meeting new clients from all different types of businesses.

YM: You have extensive experience in the film industry, as a production manager.  What does a production manager do, it sounds glamourous?

TC: Production Manager basically makes sure that everyone has everything they need, working hand in hand with the line producer. We make sure the film comes in on budget, but at the same time, making sure that each and every department, from catering to the director, get what they need to make it a success.  So you need great organizational skills, and work well under pressure.

YM:  What motivated you to change careers, after ten years in the film industry?

TC:  The main thing is job stability, in film we are 99% freelance. That, and maintaining a personal life within working 14 to 16 hours, no matter the day.  Those are the main reasons, as I still love the film industry.

YM: A career change is simultaneously exciting and scary. How do you manage it?

TC: All it takes is a leap of faith, and literally, that’s what it is. A leap takes 2 minutes, and then you’re in.  After that, the best part is learning new things and taking on the challenges.

YM:  How important is team work in your current role?

TC: Team work is very important, without it, we can’t function here. We’re all an integral part of the daily functioning of the iPlex.

YM: What makes the IPlex, the “place to be” for the start up or seasoned entrepreneur?

TC: The supportive environment, and enthusiasm we have for something that is not even ours.  Just watching it grow and be successful, we provide a base and support system so that the work environment becomes 2nd nature to the overall project.

YM: The #1 secret project that you are currently working on is…

TC: Secret incubator for several SME’s

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