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retiring retirement


The Remuneration and Rewards 2012, will create an environment in which you will be exposed to best practices presented by your peers.  This event will create an opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge from across South Africa and the African continent and to consider what the future of remuneration and rewards.

Retiring Retirement

After a successful presentation last year to the retirement fund industry, this year, I’m sharing it with HR & reward professionals. Those at the coalface of retirement programmes! 

The Retiring Retirement presentation will challenge participants to rethink the concept of retirement in the 21st century. There are four drivers that warrant a significant shift in the way we look at retirement:

1. Rapidly Changing World of Work & Retirement

As the world of work continues to change at break taking speeds, the relationship between the work we do, the rewards we get and the role of retirement will require greater consideration.

2. War for Talent

Notwithstanding the short term wobbles, the war for talent is here to stay. Employers are rethinking their employment value proposition and one of the puzzle pieces to attract and retain talent will be retirement – funds, contributions/benefits, management, taxation and returns.

3. Multi-generational workforce & the value of Retirement

Excluding baby boomers that are marking the days off their calendar until retirement, the value (or should that be NO value) of retirement to Generation X & Y is frequently overlooked.

4. Role of retirement fund contributions in guaranteed pay & remuneration structures

This could easily be a separate workshop. The days when the remuneration structure (traditional or total cost package) could comfortably use retirement funding components to achieve financial and tax objectives is long gone. But what has replaced it?

If you are attending this reward conference, drop by and share your thoughts about retirement programmes and benefits.


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