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Job Hunting

There was a time when a person was job hunting, they had to buy the newspaper every day and search the job section. The advent of the internet has radically changed the traditional, offline job hunt.  It has created unprecedented opportunities for job hunters to identify, target, connect and secure the job across borders.  The internet has the reduced the friction in the job hunting process – employers can quickly make you aware of their vacancies and you can apply online, no need to post, fax or visit their office.

You can job hunt online, not just for permanent employment, but also freelance, fixed term contracts, project, part-time and volunteer opportunities. As long as you have access to the internet, you can start your job hunting online.

Types of Job Hunting Sites

There are three types of job hunting sites online

1.  Recruitment Sites

Employers and recruitment agencies have their own, dedicated sites to recruit talent. On these sites, you will find only the jobs offerred by that employer or recruitment agency.

2.  Job Portals

A job portal carries jobs only from employers and recruitments that have chosen to list their jobs on that portal.

3. Job Aggregator Sites

A job aggregator site brings together jobs from (1) and (2)

Joining up

From the candidate side, the standard procedure, is to

1.  E-mail your CV for an advertised job or

2. Open a job seeker account, complete the online registration form and upload your CV.  During the registration process, you have to provided detailed information about yourself (e.g person’s name, age, address, contact number and identity number) and career (e.g name of employer,  reason for leaving).   Depending on the process, they will require informaton about your educational background, employment history,  preferred work and relocation.  When it comes to pay, they will require information about past/current package, package components and the expected package. Finally, some sites, will not allow you to complete the registration process unless you provide ALL of the required information,  marked by that irritating  “*”.  This forces you to provide information, that may not be in your best interest at a later stage in the job hunt (e.g when it comes to negotiating pay).

Bear in mind, that when you register on the employer/recruiters job site, they can collect highly targeted information during the registration process.



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