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The fourth annual Retirement Reform Conference kicks off today in Johannesburg., with the theme of Rethink, Restructure and Reform. The conference is organised by AMC International and brings together various stakeholders in the retirement fund industry. I’ve perused the conference brochure and was impressed by the expert line up of local and international retirement speakers.


Who stole my Retirement?

This year, I will be delivering a paper on Who Stole my Retirement – challenging participants to rethink the concept of retirement in the context of the generational workforce. The retirement landscape is shifting with unprecedented implications for the generations – baby boomers, X and Y. The relationship between the work we do, the rewards we get and the role of retirement requires greater consideration.

Baby Boomers:  the first class to “graduate” into retirement

The first batch of Baby boomer entered retirement in 2011 and with each successive year, new waves will be joining them. Baby Boomers are headed for a rocky retirement and I will be exploring the key issues.

Generation X:  the first class of retirement “guinea pigs”

While Generation X are two decades away from retirement, the majority of retirement reforms will significantly affect their nest egg.  From restructuring the industry to tax deductions for their retirement fund contributions, they are the unwilling guinea pigs.

Generation Y:  the first class of “non-retirees”

Generation Y are shaking up the workplace and retirement is no exception.   They have a distinctively different view of their future careers & wealth, and don’t plan to join the previous generations in a retirement village.  Lots happening here that is overlooked  by regulators and employers alike.

All generations have a vested interest in retirement and “retirement”.  Making it work is the challenge.  If you are attending this premier conference, drop by and let us chat about retirement in your organisation.


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