Graduates always in demand


Graduates? Demand? Where?

In the current difficult economic environment, it is hard to believe that graduates are always in demand. But if you check the recruitment activities of any parastatal, large corporate or NGO, you will find opportunities. There are recruitment programmes for fresh graduates, ad-hoc openings and graduates-needed-yesterday positions.  Sure employers may not be employing graduates but the truck load, but they are certainly opportunities to join their bus.

Graduates Checklist

Irrespective of the job and requirements, graduates that are demand display the following:

1.  Geninue qualification from recognised educational institution

2.  Solid work ethic – hard working, diligent, reliable

3.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills

4.  Integrity

5.  Team Player – relate and work with others

6.  Analytical Skills

7.  Self motivated & takes initiative

8. Embraces and adapts to change

9. Basic Computer Literacy – switch on and use a computer, MS Office

10. Attention to detail – finer stuff that other graduates miss.

If you satisfy the long list above, you should join the ranks of graduates that are always in demand.

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