Working Harder

Are You Working Harder this year?

Have you noticed that South Africans are working harder this year compared to years gone by? I’m excluding those individuals that sleep on the job, pretend to be working or report to their company Facebook each morning.

If you are unemployed and serious about changing it, you are likely to be working full time, from searching for positions to mining your network. Many rejections, no pay and no annual leave.

If you are holding down a job, you have lots to deal with: higher workload due to the latest round of retrenchments, meetings after meetings, picking up the slack for incompetent co-workers/boss, fickle clients, endless deadlines, red tape & administration, squeezing in training and development and the mountains of email, that torment our working lives. You have deferred work-life balance, until you have the time for work-life balance. Your work doesn’t leave your life with much breathing space

Working harder doesn’t necessarily translate into higher performance or pay. Your employer is wringing out those productivity gains, for the same or less pay.

Are you working harder this year compared to last year?

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