2013: Year of No Regrets


You know the drill. At the start of each year, we are briefly energised to make it a better one.  Research has shown that the top resolutions include finding a job, starting a business, and losing weight.  While I can’t help you on the last one, I can make a difference in the preceding two.

Honestly, what will be different this year?

Think about it for a minute. I am sure that you have already skimmed enough articles about resolutions to last you for the rest of this decade.  Perhaps, you have made the same or new resolutions this year.  You are worried about sustaining them throughout the year. Or trashed the idea of resolutions so that you won’t be disappointed again! Nothing will be different this year UNLESS  you approach it differently.

No Regrets

If you are up for it, 2013 can be a wildly different year for your career or business.  I am inviting you to make it the year of No Regrets.  The Macmillan English Dictionary defines regret as “to feel sorry or sad that something has happened”

We regret the way our career or business has turned out.  We regret not having done something, when there was time to do so.  We regret missing opportunities, only to watch others capitalise on them.   We regret what we did not do or never got around to doing.  We regret having given up on what really mattered to us.   We walk around with regrets and worse, continue acting in ways that sow the seeds of our future regret.

Regret extracts a heavy toll on three fronts.

  1. We lose time  (years and decades)
  2. We lose money (opportunities, earnings, revenue)
  3. We lose value  (playing a 2nd rate version)

Regret sucks.

Let us break this cycle and clean up our regret box. To move past the regret, we must be willing to own it.

Question:  What is your biggest career or business regret of the past five years?  Please post it below.

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