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In today’s competitive job market, employers are inclined to find talent that can contribute to the growth of the company through their skills, rather than their qualifications.  While qualifications are required, employers are placing increased emphasis on skills.  When job hunting, you must factor in the skills that the employer is seeking for that job.

The following 5 skills stand out

1.   Research Skills

Job seekers should possess the ability to research not because they wanted to land a job in a research company but in order to do research in the course of their daily activity. If you pitch up at an interview with no/poor research of the employer, you can write this yourself off making it to the offer stage.

2. Thinking Skills

Many organisations have employees that can’t or won’t think. You should not be one of them. Employers need talent that can think under different situations and formulate solutions to their challenges. Of course, if you think too much, you may ask uncomfortable questions!

3. Technology

With the advent of information technology, the majority of job openings require people who are computer literate.  Employers do not necessarily need talent who are graduates from technology or IT.   Rather they need talent that understand technology in the context of their field of work and can use it to advance the organisation.

4. Communication skills

From a tea lady to a CEO, communication skills are a non-negotiable.  Talented as you are, you won’t go far without excellent verbal and written skills. Employers need talent that expresses their thoughts and are clearly understood by others. If you’ve ever attended a death-by-powerpoint-presentation, you will understand what happens when you don’t have this skill.

5.  People / Team Player Skills

The modern working environment consists of (dysfunctional) personalities,  that have to work together for the benefit of the organisation. To get your job done, working with others as a team player is part of the game.


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