The Other Love



If you believe the marketing machine, February is the month of love. You are supposed to rekindle the flame, show that you care and do something romantic.  I’m not here to talk about your loved one though.

What about your other love?

Your loved ones may let you down but your other love is (was) always there. Unfortunately most of us have discarded the other love. We have given up on ever finding it. We have limited our horizons to what others have told us – “it can’t be done” and “the world doesn’t turn that way”. 

Of course, I’m referring to your work – the other love that has been extinguished a long time ago. Several studies have shown that the majority of employees are disengaged in their jobs.  They hate their boss and/or their career.  They are gatvol of their work.   If you hate Monday mornings and love Friday afternoons,  it is time to do something about the other love.

This did not happen overnight.  Let us take a step back.

When did your work suck?

Was it the day that you enrolled for any degree, never mind that you had zero interest in that field? Or did it occur when you pushed yourself to learn something that you didn’t want to do. You ended up excelling in what you don’t love.

Did it happen when you started a business, selling something that you had zero interest in? Or did you lose it when you
began working on 100 other things in your business instead of what you loved doing?

When did your work suck?

Share your experience over here and something may happen this February.


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