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When applying for any position, think about your curriculum vitae/resume from the position of the reader. The recruitment agent or HR consultant does not have the time to decipher your CV or contact you up to clarify any matters. As the screening agent, they have a short time, based upon your CV,  to make a call on you.  It is easier to skip CV #299 and move on to the next CV  when you have 500 CV’s to screen. This does not matter that you are NOT the best candidate for the job. You may be the best candidate.  A pity about your CV letting you down.  Job hunters forget that the CV has to do the heavy lifting work of selling you,  primarily through words, to the recruiter.

Acid Test

Here is quick acid test:

Does this CV sell me in less than 2 minutes – my character, talents and performance in the best possible manner to an employer?

Note: I’m being generous with 2 minutes, some recruitment agents will scan read your info in a few seconds.  Honestly, if a stranger that does not know you, had to go through your CV,  would they believe in you, your expertise and what value you could bring to their organisation?

(Work in SA Dispatch, January 2008)

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