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You job hunt has just turned the corner. But don’t celebrate yet. You have to win the employer over, face to face during the interview.

Interview Preparation

The employer will provide you advance notice about the interview date and venue.  Sometimes, you will get a call the day before the interview, so your preparation time will be limited.  It may be a tired cliche, but first impressions do last.  Unfortunately you can’t reapply to be interviewed again to make a second, first impression!  Some might say that the inner characteristics of the candidate matters more, but in reality, the employer doesn’t know the inner you. You should an interview-ready wardrobe, so that you don’t waste time looking for a suitable outfit the day before an interview.

Dress for Succcess

Notwithstanding that you are the smartest candidate that can perform superhero feats for the employer, the way the candidate looks, does matter in the interview. Notice that superheroes, have cool looking outfits.  All to often appearance is glossed over. Employers, whether you are meeting an individual or panel, will make judgements about you, based upon the manner of dressing during the initial interview.   This does not mean that those judgements are correct. But you can’t stop the employer from the conversations in their mind, based upon your odd coloured tie, short skirt or weird socks. You want to dress appropriately for the occasion, bearing in mind that all interviews are formal events. Even if you are meeting the employer in a coffee shop for an “informal” chat.


Whatever you wear to the interview, the rule of thumb, is that it should be ooze confidence, style and professionalism.  While there is nothing wrong with being fashionable, it should not come across as loud or detract the interviewer’s attention from understanding your value.

Travelling to the Interview

If you are using public transport to reach the interview, don’t forget to freshen up in the rest up of the employer. You don’t want a flustered look, sweaty palms or ruffled hair to ruin the first handshake.

In conclusion,  regardless of your expertise, if the first impression does not impress, you’ve lost the interview before opening your mouth.


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