7 Reasons to Join

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7 Reasons to Join

A Working Edge Club Lite (Free) Membership provides ALL of the following exclusive benefits that are NOT available on the website

1.  Dispatch from the Frontlines

Get your career and job hunt up to speed in minutes: each month, I will e-mail you unconventional insights, job market developments, work headlines, companies to watch, employment taxation, new employer-job sites and emerging trends.

2. Career Challenge

Get a personal response: within 24 hours of joining the club, you will be invited to e-mail me your #1 challenge *and* I will respond with my thoughts on your advancing your career.

3.Member Only Reports

Get the inside scoop: for the benefit of members, I release targeted reports on career success, job hunting, hot buttons, remuneration, performance and more

4. Complimentary Invitations to Career & SME Events

Get moving: your membership comes with a complimentary invitation to a career or SME event – attend a live presentation by Yusuf Mahomedy and network with talented individuals that are going places. Some events include presentations or attendence by CEO’s, MD’s, recruitment agents, HR managers and financiers. You may meet your future employer or business partner here.

5. Start Today

Get immediate access: your e-mail address is the admission ticket to the Working Edge Club Lite Membership. Privacy & Confidentiality guaranteed. After you sign up, please rush over to your inbox. Look for an e-mail from me, asking you to confirm that you actually want to join the Working Edge Club and click the activation link. Thereafter I will start rolling out your benefits.

6. Free

The Working Edge Club Lite Membership is 100% free – no strings, no spam and no charge

7. No Downside. All Upside.

Working Edge Club is used at four universities
2500 Employees are on board.
It works. But you have to experience it for your career.
Try the club for a week.
If you are not satisfied, automatically unsubscribe.
Fair enough?

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