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Employee Volunteer Week

Employee Volunteer Week “is the only national, annual celebration of employee volunteering in South Africa.” “Thousands of employees give their time and talents by volunteering to help non profit organisations and communities. Employee Volunteer Week is the time to reflect on achievements and to take action. The campaign provides companies and their employees with opportunities […]

Welcome to WORKSUCKS

I want to welcome you to the new weblog of WORKSUCKS – MAKE WORK, WORK.nbsp; I invite you, the miserable corporate, small business owner or individual on a journey to make your work, work for you.

HR in 2011

We have been here before. We are familiar with the drill. We have the same beliefs and expectations, toned down by the passage of time. We know how it will end. Yet a little voice tells us that 2011 could be exceptional and different. Another year has arrived. Resolutions, BHAG & Make Overs  Once again […]

7 Reasons to Join

1st in SA: Working Edge Club Lite (Free) Membership Careering * JobHunting * Working 7 Reasons to Join A Working Edge Club Lite (Free) Membership provides ALL of the following exclusive benefits that are NOT available on the website 1.  D…

MBA Jobs Goes Live

MBA Jobs Goes LIVE! MBA Student or Graduate Get Access to the latest MBA Jobs in SA To get unlimited, free access to the latest MBA jobs, anywhere in South Africa, all that we require is a once off Tweet or Facebook update announcing the launch of Worksucks – MBA Jobs, click the link below to get started!  

Graduates, shine in a Competitive Market

2011/2012 Graduates For the class of 2011 graduates or those graduating this year, you are on the verge of a new, sometime confusing, journey to the workplace. While the recession may officially be over, it does not mean that graduates should expect abundant job opportunities. From 2009 – 2011, many organisations restructured jobs and retrenched staff, including […]