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Welcome to WORKSUCKS

I want to welcome you to the new weblog of WORKSUCKS – MAKE WORK, WORK.nbsp; I invite you, the miserable corporate, small business owner or individual on a journey to make your work, work for you.

HR in 2011

We have been here before. We are familiar with the drill. We have the same beliefs and expectations, toned down by the passage of time. We know how it will end. Yet a little voice tells us that 2011 could be exceptional and different. Another year has arrived. Resolutions, BHAG & Make Overs  Once again […]

Career Book Insights

1 Career Intelligence by Barbara Moses The 12 New rules for work and life success. Welcome to the Career Book Insight Each month, I will provide you 1 career insight from a leading career book. It is not my intention to summarise the book, rather I want to dig up 1 career insight, place it […]

How to Create a List of Warm Contacts

Usually when you are looking for a job, you would ask for help from family and friends. You would contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities and tips. Your family, relatives and friends belong to your warm contact list. The warm contact list is the list of people with […]