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Truth amp; Lies

If you were hanging over a cliff and your organisation/boss/co-workers extended a helping hand, would you immediately grab it or hold onto the cliff for dear life?  Let’s be honest about the dishonesty that pervades the workplace. From gl…

Reader Reviews

What they are saying about the book ‘Insightful reality to the employee – hard hitting truth for those waiting for things to happen amp; not making things happen’nbsp; F Bux ‘A brilliant examination of work success backed up by a bonus package you can use ’ J Smith nbsp; ’ It is straight to the […]

Get the Book

Get Worksucks – Make Work, Work the book Fight for the Work of Your Life WORKSUCKS MAKE WORK, WORK is a critical experience for any South African employee trying to make sense of their organisation, career and job. It is written for the fed up or so-so employee who needs to learn not about working […]

Establish a progressive mindset about work

With appraisals, pay increases and bonus payments almost wrapped up for another year, employees often wonder about their next working destination.nbsp; I find employees frequently leave one miserable job for another or remain trapped in their comfy zone. Before you consider a course of action, I suggest you revisit work itself. If there was a […]