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Job Skills for 2013

Job + Skills In today’s competitive job market, employers are inclined to find talent that can contribute to the growth of the company through their skills, rather than their qualifications.  While qualifications are required, employers are placing increased emphasis on skills.  When job hunting, you must factor in the skills that the employer is seeking for that job. The […]

2013: Year of No Regrets

Regret! You know the drill. At the start of each year, we are briefly energised to make it a better one.  Research has shown that the top resolutions include finding a job, starting a business, and losing weight.  While I can’t help you on the last one, I can make a difference in the preceding […]

Working Harder

Are You Working Harder this year? Have you noticed that South Africans are working harder this year compared to years gone by? I’m excluding those individuals that sleep on the job, pretend to be working or report to their company Facebook each morning. If you are unemployed and serious about changing it, you are likely […]

Graduates always in demand

Graduates? Demand? Where? In the current difficult economic environment, it is hard to believe that graduates are always in demand. But if you check the recruitment activities of any parastatal, large corporate or NGO, you will find opportunities. There are recruitment programmes for fresh graduates, ad-hoc openings and graduates-needed-yesterday positions.  Sure employers may not be employing […]

Job Hunting Online

Job Hunting There was a time when a person was job hunting, they had to buy the newspaper every day and search the job section. The advent of the internet has radically changed the traditional, offline job hunt.  It has created unprecedented opportunities for job hunters to identify, target, connect and secure the job across borders.  The internet has the reduced the friction in […]

Interview Dressed for Success

Interview You job hunt has just turned the corner. But don’t celebrate yet. You have to win the employer over, face to face during the interview. Interview Preparation The employer will provide you advance notice about the interview date and venue.  Sometimes, you will get a call the day before the interview, so your preparation time will be […]

CV Acid Test

CV When applying for any position, think about your curriculum vitae/resume from the position of the reader. The recruitment agent or HR consultant does not have the time to decipher your CV or contact you up to clarify any matters. As the screening agent, they have a short time, based upon your CV,  to make a call on you.  It is easier to skip CV […]

Graduates & Pay Negotiation

Graduates In a previous article, I discussed Graduates and their First Job Assuming that you are one of the fortunate graduates to have survived the job hunting jungle, what happens thereafter?   Well the employer has selected YOU (can you believe it?), over 98 other graduates for the position of (insert title).  It doesn’t matter that other graduates […]

Job Hunt by building Relationships

Job Hunting So you’ve been job hunting for months without positive results.  You have been actively job hunting – spreading the word that you are available in the market and looking (urgently) for another job. During your job hunt, you are likely to interact with a lot of people online and offline – family, friends, […]